Md. Same-Sex Marriage Backers Ally With Immigrants


HYATTSVILLE, Md. (AP) — Gay and lesbian advocates teamed up with Maryland’s largest Latino and immigrant rights group on Tuesday, hoping to build support for November ballot questions to allow same-sex marriage and in-state tuition for illegal immigrants who have attended a Maryland high school and whose parents have paid taxes.

Equality Maryland, the state’s gay and lesbian civil rights group, and CASA de Maryland, held a news conference at Casa’s headquarters in Hyattsville with gay immigrants to announce the partnership.

Sen. Richard Madaleno, an openly gay Montgomery County lawmaker, said it was a natural alliance because the measures share the same fundamental reasons for support.

“It’s about fairness, and equality and justice,” Madaleno, a Democrat, said in an interview after the news conference. “It’s about hope, dignity and opportunity and personal responsibility, because an education is about your ability to go out and get that education. No one gives…

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