The Myth of “Capitalism vs. Socialism” And Critical Thinking


The Myth of Socialism vs. Capitalism

The notion of  “Socialism” vs. “Capitalism” is a manufactured polemical dichotomy. Framing economic issues in terms of false dichotomous categories effectively conceals the actual dynamics of the economy. The purpose of this article is to examine how to step outside the predefined conceptual box and think an issue through critically and independently. Herein I will:

  • Show how to think past conventional pieties, by exposing the notion of “capitalism” to critical thinking skills.
  • Show how to develop critical thinking skills in any area.
  • Show the applicability to Marketing and Customer Service.

Exposing the Myth of Capitalism vs. Socialism

Capitalist Defined: First, let’s define “capitalist.”  A capitalist, strictly speaking. is one who invests in the financial instruments that support a business entity. Realistically speaking, in today’s America, the capitalists are overwhelmingly wealthy interests that hold majority stakes in the large corporations that dominate the economic – and…

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