$16.1 million in federal grants to help support state charter schools


MADISON — State Superintendent Tony Evers announced on Monday, August 27th that $16.1 million in federal charter school grants will be used to support 84 charter schools across Wisconsin for the 2012-13 school year.

In a news release issued Monday, August 27th, Superintendent Evers said: “Wisconsin is a leader in the creation of charter schools, and last year we were seventh in the nation for the number of charter schools. These grant funds help school districts establish quality charter schools that provide innovative and rigorous instruction to students, connecting them with real-world experiences.”

For the 2012-13 school year, DPI is awarding a total of $16,074,995 to support 84 charter schools:

  • 24 planning grants ($4,825,000);
  • 20 implementation grants, ($3,874,995) for first-year operations of new charter schools;
  • 32 implementation renewal grants, ($6,375,000) for charter schools in the second year of operation; and
  • 8 dissemination or dissemination renewal grants, ($1,000,000) for sharing best…

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