“One Nation Divisible, With Super Pacs and Lobbyists For All…”

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The current campaign financing model promotes the interests of a few, our countries wealthiest individuals, the people who can afford to make sure their priorities don’t go unnoticed. A small minority of high-income donors influence Political Action Committees and many, including myself, believe that it is time to reform the current model to achieve a higher level of democracy in our political system.

Jonathan Soros, the “brain-child” behind a new Political Action Committee (PAC), is trying to do just that. The goal is to bring about change to the campaign financing model, reducing the concentration of power that is leveraged by the wealthiest of individuals. The proposed system, modeled after New York City’s public campaign financing system, would attempt to change how decisions are made by matching donations up to a certain dollar amount (ex. 6:1 match = $25 donation is now turned into $125). The group is fighting…

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