Jobs Report Bad News for Anti-Big Government Types

From The Kitchen Cabinet

I bemoan the latest jobs report not because of some conservative joy that the Obama Administration has failed, or proof from the left that Trickle down economics stimulates no one but the wealthy. As an Anti-Big Government type, I can’t stand that we are at 3.8% unemployment (or 22% that some at Fox News report), because it means that we will have to hold onto civilian bureaucratic positions a while longer. In 2000, various reports had the number of Federal civilian bureaucrats at 2.8 million. I can only imagine that that number has grown in the last twelve years, and if you doubt it, I have a few accounts in Ghana that need to be paid to your bank account. I won’t sit here and say that I have the solution to the unemployment problem, but I do hope someone finds it soon so that we can continue to…

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