HOLMBERG: Never forget, lifesavers far outnumber lifetakers


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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Every massacre, like the one in Aurora, Colorado, drains a little of our faith in each other.

Because we wallow in it, dwell on it, focus on the perpetrators, which is what they want.

But they are tiny few.

There are many more lifesavers than lifetakers.

The list is endless.

How about Capt. Joshua James with the US Lifesaving service. In the 1800s he saved hundreds of lives off the New England Coast. He could find a shipwreck – feel it – in the dark or heavy fog.

Medics, nurses, doctors and scientists save lives by the thousands every week.

Abel Wolman and Linn Enslow developed the system for chlorinating water, saving an estimated 177 million lives.

Many of these types of people value other’s lives more than their own. That’s your average cop and firefighter. We saw that at ground zero on 9/11.

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