Mitt Romney Bain Capital Document Lists Him As ‘Managing Member’ In 2002

A Progressive's thoughts

President Obama said so well, when you are President you have a multitude of issues on a daily basis and you are held responsible for all of them, regardless if you wrote the legislation or not, you are held accountable. Therefore, a candidate who is interviewing for the job of president should be prepared to take ownership of past decisions and if your name is on the ownership paper, you are the one ultimately responsible. The argument that Ed Gillepsie said about a leave of absence for the Olympics is a disingenuous excuse at best. Romney doesn’t understand what is needed to be President, he does not have a plan aside from cutting taxes and gutting regulations, all are beneficial for his class and his class alone. He would be President of the oligarchs and preside over the plebeians. I don’t relish going down the road in history.
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