Educated People are Very Difficult to Control.

The Bubba Effect

Recently it’s come to my attention that some people read this blog and think that we advocate bringing down the government.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

What I want, what “We the people” want… is to take back America from those who have corrupted it using greed as a sword.

It is the owners of the government – the multinationals that have wreaked havoc, purchasing influence by buying politicians… that we want to bring down.

These multinationals act to protect the one thing that is more important to them than anything else… and it isn’t jobs, workers or patriotism. They work to protect their PROFITS.

Think about all that junk you drop in the shopping cart every time you go to the store.

I mean, some of us shop like it was an “Olympic Sport!”

If the average American family cut their household spending by just 5%, avoiding…

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