New York Post Top 10 Hated List

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Every year some newspaper or magazine publishes a top ten list of some kind and the New York Post has come through with there’s.

There are some people worthy of being on the list, scam artist Bernie Madoff who made off with people’s money and retirement savings. John Edwards who left his wife while she was sick with cancer, understandable why he would be number on the list.

Sports figures that made the top ten, former NFL great OJ Simpson, former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky and Tiger Woods. Now I understand Simpson and Sandusky they are both thought to be guilty of the crimes they were accused of, while Sandusky awaits his trial. But Tiger has committed no crimes, hurt nobody but himself. I understand people got their feelings hurt because they put him up on a pedestal and held him as a role model, but for him to…

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