FOX News Viewers Misinformed: Yet Another Study

Duke and Zink Do America

A new study has been released from Farleigh Dickinson University which reveals that FOX News viewers are, yet again, some of the most misinformed people in the U.S., even in relation to people who are infrequent followers of the news.

What I find fascinating about this study isn’t that they discovered what we already knew (people who watch too much FOX News have no idea what they’re talking about). Rather, when you look at the actual figures as they break down by party, you realize that out of their sample of the public, democrats, independents, and republicans more or less match up except when FOX News and MSNBC are the only source of news (though, to be fair, they match up there too, but not in relation to the other groups).

This confirms what I’ve long said. While I do quite enjoy some things on MSNBC, the overall feel I…

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