FBI Creates New Dangerous Acronym To Steal Your Thoughts


C-Net has learned that the FBI has silently, sneakily, been setting up a “secret surveillance unit” with the goal of inventing shit that makes it easy for them to eaves drop on your conversations. It’s called the DCAC or “Domestic Communications Assistance Center” and while the name might sound like something you’d call to figure out why your 56k connection keeps dropping it’s really a bullshit center for people who are afraid of other people doing stuff they don’t know about. God forbid they don’t know. With all the terror going around I feel like the government needs to know everything. Everywhere, all the time. (Don’t forget that pesky race war!) I wonder if they’ve caught Peter Pan yet. He keeps sneaking into little girls’s bedrooms and asking them to come away with him. Nope, don’t think they have. Instead, we move hopelessly more into the abyss  of self. So…

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