Defence Department never seriously considered buying anything other than the F-35: retired bureaucrat

National Post | News

By Jeff Davis

Department of National Defence officials charged with selecting Canada’s next fighter jet met with Lockheed Martin — maker of the F-35 — more times than with all other bidders combined before their billion-dollar decision to select it, access to information documents reveal.

Between 2005 and 2011, officials from DND’s Next Generation Fighter Capability Office held a series of meetings with five major aircraft manufacturers “to evaluate and discuss potential replacements for the CF-18.”

DND officials met with Lockheed Martin 21 times over the six-year period, the documents show, and it was the only company granted face time with key figures such as the chief of air staff and the parliamentary secretary for defence.


Lockheed’s competitors didn’t have it so easy.

F-18 Super Hornet manufacturer Boeing landed seven meetings, while BAE, makers of the Eurofighter Typhoon, had eight meetings with Canadian officials. France’s Dassault got only two…

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